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About SMME IoT

SMME IoT is a proudly South African company based in the heart of Sandton in Johannesburg. Whilst forming strategic alliances with renowned partners and customers and recruiting a workforce that is agile and creative, We plan to provide the IoT Community in South Africa with leading IoT Products and Infrastructure.

We are proud to be a channel partner for SqwidNet. SqwidNet (a wholly owned subsidiary of DFA), will deploy and operate Sigfox’s network nationwide and distribute the IoT connectivity services and solutions to its partner channels. The IoT is a rapid developing network and SMME Gateway has strategically positioned itself to be a leading IoT partner in this vast untapped market, through its partnership with Sigfox, Allied High Limited, the Jasco Group and Sqwidnet.

What is our Purpose?

The intent for these services and solutions is to make life easier, safer, more convenient, more streamlined, while saving time, reducing costs and increasing ROI to their valued customers. Our solutions are based on the global SIGFOX standard, which enables a multitude of low-cost, low-powered devices to monitor or respond to events in the environment and to exchange data with each other, with operators and users.

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About IoT

What is the Internet of Things

We live in a world where recurring revenue management is becoming a dominant theme. Lately there’s been a natural gravitation to the Internet of Things and the synchronicity between the business models the IoT produces.

The true value of the Internet of Things does not lay in the lights turning on when the car reaches the driveway, but rather the data that the connected devices collect about its users. Imagine a hospital with connected devices. The data collected from those devices outputs information on the status of patients and runs analytics on the various monitoring machine, helping the hospital to run as optimally as possible..

Is IoT and AI dominating the IT World?

South Africa is experiencing the Renaissance of Industrial Revolution and surely is fertile ground for IOT to grow abundantly. OEMs like Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft have already started marketing IoT Solutions to their clients within SA while Intel, Qualcomm and Cisco have started funding various IoT Initiative’s globally. Although Customers still have concerns around Precision, Adaptability, Security, Scalability, Maintenance and Support of these solutions, the IoT space continues to dominate the ICT industry globally.

SMME IoT leads the IoT space in South Africa with end to end solutions, leading technologies and sustainable partnerships to grow and support various businesses. They also offer IoT Strategy formation and Ecosystem Management Solutions. SMME IoT specializes in devices that are IoT ready and Retrofit devices giving them a competitive market advantage.

The Internet of Things (IOT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been likened to the industrial revolution, possibly changing history. Recent statistics reveal increasing interaction between human and technological communication, with over 20 billion devices expected to be connected by 2020. The future of this revolutionary technological landscape looks indeed boundless.


Itakane ICT (Pty) Ltd is a Black empowered consulting services provider. It has diversified business interest in IT solutions, System Integration and Business Engineering. Itakane ICT, provides Business Support Services and ICT Solutions to a customer base in the public and private sectors. Itakane ICT is a marketing agent to SMME IoT taking IoT services and solutions to the South African market

NMVE Capital

NMVE Capital is a level One BEE transactional advisory firm based in Sandton, South Africa. Established in 2002, the firm has built up its service offerings to include capital raising, advisory and facilitating. NMVE Capital is a marketing agent to SMME IoT taking SMME IoT’s services and solutions to the market

Transform your business with our IoT services!

Our IoT Services are:

  • Smart city
  • Data Analytics
  • Connective Management
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Security
  • IoT Advisory

Transforming you current operational systems to an Internet of Things (IoT) system may be challenging without building an entirely new infrastructure.
SMME IoT solves this problem through:

  • Connecting operational systems
  • Linking the operational network to IT systems
  • Providing end-to-end security
  • Using data more effectively

Our IoT services allow for the rapid and efficient transformation of operational networks to IP-based industrial networks. This is accomplished via strategy development, architectural assessments, network architecture design, deployment assistance, and technical support. SMME IoT and Its key partners can plan and build this infrastructure that improves:

  • Productivity
  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Automation

Our Services

Simple and Powerful

Smart City

New Internet of Things (IoT) applications that leverage ubiquitous connectivity, big data and analytics are enabling Smart City initiatives all over the world. These new applications introduce tremendous new capabilities such as the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data.

Data Analytics

Through data management solution which allows consolidation of all the data from consumers as well as industry IoT devices. This platform allows us to analyze data from all IoT spectrum to meaningful data

Smart Agriculture

IoT Smart Agriculture enables farmers to remotely monitor sensors that can detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels, remotely manage and control their smart connected harvesters and irrigation equipment, and utilize artificial intelligence based analytics to quickly analyze operational data combined with 3rd party information, such as weather services, to provide new insights and improve decision-making.


Through IoT, we provide connectivity to all devices, yet along with the many societal, environmental and economic benefits, the rapidly-expanding connected world, represents a growing attack surface for adversaries of all denominations. Everyday vulnerabilities in IoT are being exploited with malicious intent – yet the vast majority of them can be prevented simply and cost-effectively.

Connective Management

IoT framework provides multiple layers of security including data encryption, access control, and authorization for data, user, and application transactions.

IoT Advisory

Work with our strategic and technical advisors to align security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals


  • Enjoy the simplicity of managed services without worrying about hardware, software, connectivity or IT management
  • Make data-driven decisions with mobile sensing and real-time urban HD Data™
  • Improve road utilization and the city flows of people, vehicles, and goods
  • Get timely notifications and alarms of critical city events.
  • Support critical communication in case of disaster by leveraging vehicle batteries and density.
  • Monitor, control and protect city assets from the cloud in any location, computer or mobile device.


Empire Partner Foundation is responsible for all our Socio-Economic investments and Transformation requirements. For more information, click here…