Our Partners

Having partnered with SigFox, Allied High Limited, Sqwidnet and Jasco, SMME IoT have signed Service Level Agreements with these Organisations in order to build one of SA’s first Independent IoT Networks

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SIgfox (IoT Network Partner) who offers a high quality of service which is highly resistant to interference. It’s perfectly fitted for low cost IoT devices that need to run on extremely low energy consumption levels and need to send data over a very long range.


SMME IoT is proud to be a channel partner for SqwidNet. SqwidNet (a wholly owned subsidiary of DFA), will deploy and operate Sigfox’s network nationwide and distribute the IoT connectivity services and solutions to its partner channels.

Itakane ICT

ItakaneICT is a proudly South African ICT Company since 2006. Their business is to source robust, ground-breaking technologies Globally for our clients in Southern Africa.

Nmve Capital

NMVE Capital is a transactional advisory firm based in Sandton, South Africa. Established in 2002, the firm has built up its service offerings to include capital raising, advisory and facilitating transactions thus allowing us to have a deep understanding of the sectors that we participate in.


B2HA helps boards and C-Level decision makers to manage their risk appropriately. ICT is volatile and fast changing, yet vital to the organisation. A board that neglects this understanding cannot set effective direction or culture for the company

Visio Tech

We operate a leading global cross-border IoT device network for emerging markets. The Smart View platform is the brains behind any IoT Solution developed by Visio Soft. Smart View is a cloud based platform designed to assist with rapid deployment of IoT projects with integration into almost any 3rd party platform.

Auto Advisor

Auto Advisor

Working together with the above listed companies to build the IoT Network, SMME IoT will ensure tailored IoT solutions, devices of superior quality, technology of the digital age, a reliable network and end to end customer satisfaction and support.